Busting 12 Myths about Hypnosis and Truth Bombs you Need to Know

Separating the facts from the fiction for hypnotherapy

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Amanda walks into the room with caution. She is aware of her body gripped in fear. The door displays a sign with the doctor’s name and the qualifications that read “Hypnotherapist”. “Hypnotherapist? What am I doing here?” she exclaims! “What if he makes me utterly helpless? And I feel I am completely losing control? What if I remain in this state forever?” Amanda’s panic thoughts seem unending as she fights the battle to cure herself of her worries with hypnosis, as she displays her skeptical side about the entire process at the same time.


What Amanda witnessed in her mind is nothing new to those unfamiliar with the process of hypnosis and the practice of hypnotherapy. Clinical hypnosis is often confused with on-stage hypnosis meant for entertainment. Therefore, hypnosis is the most misunderstood method of the psychological healing process. This is a genuine psychological practice that is often portrayed in a different manner on various platforms - either as a gimmick, entertainment or for publicity. It’s no wonder so many myths surround hypnosis!

Hypnosis, when induced by a professional hypnotist, is an altered state of awareness that connects the conscious mind with the subconscious mind. A hypnotist will guide you to understand your deep-rooted issues and bring about a change in your thinking process. You’ll be able to begin life with a renewed focus the moment you correct your thought patterns. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis as a tool along with regular counseling sessions. Read more about hypnotherapy and the benefits in this blog.

As the myths and misconceptions about hypnosis are many, team Matrrix busts some myths about hypnosis to finally answer all your questions and doubts.



12 Myths about Hypnosis and the Truth You Need to Know


Myth #1: You feel completely helpless during hypnosis, the hypnotist will gain control

Truth Bomb: Wrong! A professional hypnotist will never make you feel helpless and do things against your will. A person who is hypnotized will never perform against his/her principles and values in life. Hypnotized people are not puppets in the hands of the hypnotist. What you may have seen on-stage are volunteers who are in a completely different zone during their performance. Your hypnotherapist will give you suggestions which your mind can choose to accept or reject.

Myth #2: One session is more than enough!

Truth Bomb: This always varies as per the individual. For. e.g.: a person with a deep-rooted desire to stop smoking may display the change post one session. This is totally dependent upon the individual’s will-power. However, others would need multiple hypnotherapy sessions to achieve the desired results.

Myth #3: Hypnosis is a super-power!

Instead of looking at hypnotherapist as a person with super-powers, you might need to understand he/she is actually a facilitator.

Truth Bomb: Ahem , where did you actually come across this? Possibly, the “look into my eyes” scenes in movies might have influenced your thoughts. Hypnosis is not a form of entertainment wherein a hypnotist will sway your thoughts with a pendulum to get complete control with the use of clever words. There’s no fancy trick happening here. Instead of looking at your hypnotherapist as a person with super-powers, you might need to understand he/she is actually a facilitator - one who is guiding you to co-operate and touch the power of your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is a clinical practice. It is used to treat mental, physical and emotional issues as well as to improve career prospects. Read more about the power of your subconscious mind.


Myth #4: You might get hypnotized forever

Truth Bomb: Oh, no! That’s certainly untrue. You always need the guidance of a professional hypnotist to induce your trance-like state. You are never in an unconscious state and your guide will always bring you back to a state of consciousness once the process is complete.

Myth #5: You can never be hypnotized

Truth Bomb: That’s incorrect! Anyone can be hypnotized if they are willing for the same. We all get hypnotized daily without being aware of our current state. It happens when we stare out of the window immersed in our thoughts. It’s also a part of our sleep cycle. You need to first enter the trance state to fall asleep. The same applies when you wake up! So, if you think you can never be hypnotized, you are so utterly wrong!

Myth #6: You will turn into someone else

Hypnotherapy is therapy that is used to reveal many things you are unaware of your own personality.

Truth Bomb: When you are hypnotized, your own personality will always remain constant in that state. You cannot turn into another personality. However, you can attempt to imbibe the trait of somebody else. For e.g.: you might be looking to improve your confidence levels. Hypnosis can help you achieve this trait and also retain it once you are out of your trance-like state. Here, the hypnotist is helping you achieve something you desire - confidence in this case. This does not mean you’ve turned into a person you’ve idolized.


Myth #7: You have to mentally weak or emotional to be hypnotized

Truth Bomb: Hypnosis has nothing to do with your personality type or the fact that ‘mentally weak’ people are susceptible to being hypnotized. Anyone who has a willingness to be hypnotized, can be hypnotized. However, therapists mention that people with higher levels of concentration and creativity are more successful than others.

Myth #8: Hypnosis is about manipulating you to reveal your deepest secrets

Truth Bombs: Firstly, hypnosis is a therapy that is used to reveal many things you are unaware of your own personality. It’s indeed true that a hypnotherapist will know many truths about your life. At the same time, you will also learn things you have forgotten and stored deep in your subconscious mind. Those might present the problem-areas that act as roadblocks to your success. Any individual reveals the details only when he/she is ready to learn something new about his/her own life. A person is neither asleep nor unconscious. He/she can choose to share details when the motive is either to cure habits or instill new qualities. A person can explore troubling areas to talk about which would not have been possible under normal circumstances. This is done entirely with consent.

Myth #9: Hypnosis is sleep (more Zzzzs )

Truth Bomb: Well, if you’re looking to get some extra sleep added to your daily quota, you’re wrong! A good number of people are often demotivated because they feel hearing their hypnotherapist speak during the session is wrong. Why is this myth formed? Because hypnosis is not about inducing deep sleep. You are completely aware of everything that is going around you. When hypnotized, you are relaxed with increased levels of focus. It is a tool to cure insomnia but the session itself cannot put you to sleep.

Myth #10: Hypnosis is a great tool to get people to confess

Truth Bomb: Every hypnotherapy session is private. You cannot record videos or audios of your session. Hypnotherapy is not a lie-detector test. This cannot also be used to manipulate people to confess. Hypnotherapy sessions being private, cannot be used in the court as a testimony or presented as evidence.

Myth #11: Hypnosis is only for treatment of medical problems

Truth Bomb: Hypnosis is beneficial for many areas. It is useful to treat depression, anxiety, relationship issues, pain management and more. It is also useful to help you achieve your career goals by boosting your confidence levels, instilling courage, helping you find your creative freedom, sharpening your skills, and more. Read more about the benefits of hypnotherapy.

Myth #12: Self-hypnosis is great! I don’t need a certified hypnotist

Truth Bomb: Self-hypnosis is entirely safe only when guided by a certified hypnotherapist. This is not recommended if you haven’t studied hypnotherapy nor been under the guidance of a professional hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is used to access the subconscious mind, a thing that self-hypnosis cannot do without sound training or supervision. It’s advisable for people who are unaware of self-hypnosis to avoid it’s practice without supervision and training.

As you can see, the myths about hypnosis are many. We hope we have cleared the air! Team Matrrix has more details on hypnotherapy and other answers you seek on the myths and misconceptions in the FAQs.

Do you feel inclined to learn hypnosis and become a professional hypnotist? Matrrix offers certified courses for hypnotherapy for all. This is a great career prospect that is gaining attention worldwide. View the courses offered by Matrrix for hypnotherapy.



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