Discovering the Power of Your Subconscious Mind with the Use of Hypnosis

Unravel the secrets of the subconscious mind with the use of hypnosis.

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What is the subconscious mind? It’s indeed a tricky question. This is that invisible part of your brain known as the mind that stores much data without you even noticing it. The power of the subconscious mind is infinite. This is what unknowingly controls your behavior.

Let’s take an example. Ever noticed your habits? What do you eat? Do you like to exercise? Do you make eye contact while speaking? Each habit is stored within the subconscious mind. Do you feel nervous when you are told you have to address an important meeting? Your emotional response, nervousness, in this case, is stored in the subconscious mind. These are your self-limiting beliefs. You might feel yourself to be

  • Not capable of loving or being loved
  • Unworthy or worthy of success
  • Attracted towards typical foods
  • Introvert or extrovert

Your subconscious mind also stores your responses and this is related to your digestion, breathing, fertility, physical pain, health, moods, and much more.



The Power of the Subconscious Mind is Important Because:

  • It plays an important role that defines your attitude towards life, your choice, beliefs, and aspirations.
  • It absorbs every information around you (and, you don’t even realize it)
  • It stores everything you hear (even if it is negative)

David was a top scorer during his childhood days. As a student, he was already used to receiving accolades for his high score card. As a young 10-year old, David had explored his creative side with a drawing of the perfect family. However, upon rushing home and proudly displaying his artistic expression, he was brushed aside by his parents. “You’re no good at this. This looks like a mess. You’d better focus on your studies” they said. David grew up to excel at work but always refrained from discovering his creative side. His subconscious mind had already registered this moment and he had surrendered to being incapable of expressing himself freely and suffered from suppressed emotions. Similarly, if you have grown up hearing that, “You are terrible and you don’t deserve good things,” you’ll actually believe this sentence. That’s the power of the subconscious mind.

The difficulty arises when your subconscious mind stores negative beliefs that act as a hindrance to your personal and professional life. This includes low self-esteem levels, anxiety, anger, depression, violence, and other psychological problems.

The other part of your brain is the conscious mind. This contains all the approved and accepted behavior patterns and performs the tasks of helping us think, make decisions, analyze situations, and other activities. The conscious mind is often the one that includes numerous thoughts and a whole lot of noise. The choice lies with you to choose your thoughts carefully.

Our mind also contains a critical filter, one that is present partly in both the minds. This is the barrier that gathers what flows from the conscious mind into the subconscious mind. Any information that is accepted is stored in the subconscious mind and that which is not accepted is rejected. Yet, this rejected information can crop up when you are sleeping and dreaming.

So, are you wondering how to use the subconscious mind to bring an improved change in your life? The good news is yes, you can indeed change your old beliefs to embrace a newer version of you.

How to Activate the Subconscious Mind with the Power of Hypnosis

So, how does the subconscious mind work? It is active all day and night, and this is what controls your body. You need to access the subconscious mind to take control and bring about the change in your life. Hypnosis is the tool you’ll need to achieve all that you’ve wanted in life.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis, when done with a certified hypnotherapist has the power to transform your life. Hypnosis is all about healing yourself in a trance-like state that is used to bring a communication between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy techniques are useful to tap this area to help you begin a new life with a fresh perspective. And, this is certainly not about people made to perform acts against their will as you might have already witnessed on-stage acts meant for entertainment. Read more about hypnotherapy and the benefits in our blog here.

How Does Hypnosis Work for Subconscious Mind Activation?

Hypnosis helps to access the secrets of the subconscious mind. This is an easy way to program your mind to get rid of unwanted habits and beliefs. Hypnosis is beneficial for all and helps you reevaluate your own thought patterns. Self-hypnosis is another great way to tap the untouched potential of your subconscious mind.

A Certified Hypnotist Brings About the Following Changes in your Subconscious Mind:

  • Create positive self-talk
  • Recognize your negative thought pattern
  • Avoid going into despair every time something negative happens
  • Completely erase negative thought patterns and use positive affirmations*
    (*The subconscious mind is all about the present situation, living in the now. You use affirmations to think about what you want to create everything as if you’ve already achieved it.)



With a Professional Hypnotherapist, You Reach out to Your Subconscious Mind Through Intense Concentration levels. Yet, to Achieve This State, you Would Need the Following:

  • Belief in hypnotherapy
  • A willingness to be hypnotized
  • Ready for the relaxation process
  • Tremendous faith in your hypnotherapist

The hypnosis process includes your hypnotherapist communicating with you in a calm voice to guide you to relax completely. The number of sessions varies as per the progress of the individual being hypnotized.


Whoever you think you are, you are almost rightIf you think you can do something or can’t, you’re right again! To manifest what you need requires the power of the subconscious mind to be pushed into the right direction. You can apply this to any area of your life: to heal, for sports, to develop technical skills, improve your physical health, improve relationships, finances, mental health, creative tasks, and more.

Often, there is a fear and misconceptions about hypnotherapy that prohibits people from accessing this healing therapy. The common belief is always about an individual losing control and being controlled by a hypnotherapist. Read about the myths and truths of hypnotherapy in our latest blog.

So, do you want to train your subconscious mind for success? Do you feel inclined to learn hypnosis and become a professional hypnotist? Matrrix offers certified courses for hypnotherapy for all. This is a great career prospect that is gaining attention worldwide. View the courses offered by Matrrix for hypnotherapy. Write to Dr. Paras to address your questions at [email protected]. You can also request to book a session. Download our free eBook and listen to exclusive podcasts and read FAQs to gain a better perspective on this subject.

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