Hypnosis for Success: Ways to Change your Limiting Beliefs

Are your self-limiting beliefs pulling you down?

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You are what you think.

How often have you heard that? Are you sceptical about this sentence? Let’s explore further.

John comes home after a hard day’s work. He feels terrible about himself. John was offered the role to lead an important business meeting for a new business client. This required him to travel to a new land, an opportunity that would have set anyone’s spirit soaring! Yet, John, unable to handle the “stress” of this new situation, gently rejected the offer citing personal reasons. He returned home dejected, withdrawn with low-self esteem. He didn’t know why he did it.

He honestly didn’t know. How could he? Unless someone showed him the mirror that reflected his past? John had an embarrassing incident during his childhood days. One where he had a tumble and a fall at a local event while he was preparing to say a few words. John’s friends from the society sniggered and his family joined in the cruel fun. This incident scarred his mind telling him he is “no good” at presentations and making an appearance in public. This image remained in his subconscious mind prohibiting him to live the life he wanted.

Does John’s predicament resonate with you somewhere? Are you wondering how to build up self-confidence in yourself? First, let’s understand what are your limiting beliefs and how you can use hypnosis for success.

Limiting Beliefs and Using Hypnosis for Success

What are these beliefs?

As mentioned before, it’s your own thought process developed from the way you’ve shaped your life, learnt from people around you and thoughts ingrained in you by your immediate guardians. If you believe you are afraid of dogs, this will always stay with you forever. (Ever noticed how different people react to the same dog? An individual might scream in fear and the other might happily cuddle the dog closer.)

Your thoughts and responses arise from your belief. The feeling of fear is your response to the belief that you should be afraid of this animal/person/situation. A response can be associated with an emotion (positive or negative), a sensation and a behavior pattern that displays the varying degree of intensities.


Understanding Different Types of Beliefs and Why You Respond the Way You Do

As you develop your belief from the experience you have curated in life, there can be a set of helpful and unhelpful beliefs you might have stored in your subconscious mind. A helpful belief is one where you display being objective, nurture healthy feelings and behaviors, are constructive and also reasonable at the same time. Your beliefs and choices must lead to happiness for yourself and others. You are not rigid in your behavior. You give room for an alternative.

For. e.g: You know you are afraid of public-speaking but you also know that the same situation won’t repeat again. You attempt it with a renewed hope. Here, your response is balanced with an optimistic approach. You display eagerness with perhaps a tinge of nervousness. But, what matters is you grab the opportunity without fearing the worst possible outcome.

Unhelpful beliefs add no value to your personality. You live in constant fear with irrational thoughts with the only path being unhealthy behaviors. You expect things the way you want them to be and get upset when nothing goes your way.

For e.g.: You get upset when your Manager requests you to redesign your presentation. Your unhelpful beliefs have conditioned you to believe your Manager must always be nice to you. You interpret his suggestions differently and react with anger, sadness or hopelessness. What you can do in this case is take the constructive feedback and respond professionally without letting your beliefs and emotions take control of your behavior. You might expect your Manager to think you are wonderful but that isn’t always the logical approach.


Your limiting beliefs may revolve around yourself, your family, friends, people at work, and the way you view the world.

Some examples of limiting self-beliefs:

  • I can’t speak the truth, I’ll get judged
  • I cannot love anyone again, I’ll get hurt
  • I cannot trust people, they all betray me
  • I shouldn’t look for a new job, what’s the point anyway
  • I cannot pursue my passion, I may fail
  • I have this phobia, I cannot cure it
  • I can’t be successful unless I work extremely hard
  • Only the rich and powerful can attract money
  • I am worthless, nothing I do attracts positive things 

And, so it continues…


Self-Limiting Beliefs block you in many ways

All this is stored in the subconscious mind. It gently notes things down while you are completely unaware of the process unfolding from the time of your birth. You may think you are in control, but it’s your subconscious mind that is making all the moves. Don’t you think you must rewire what you believe to lead a healthy and happy life? Read more on the power of the subconscious mind.

Changing your Limiting Self-Beliefs with Hypnotherapy Techniques

First of all, hypnotherapy that uses hypnosis as a tool is a safe psychological method to resolve deep-rooted issues. With the assistance of a professional hypnotist, you can change your beliefs to embark on a new life. There are many myths about hypnosis and we’ve shared the truth behind all your queries in our blogs section.

Wondering how to move on with hypnosis and how to do hypnosis? Hypnotherapy is useful in many ways to change limiting self-beliefs and reprogram your subconscious mind. This process must always be done with a certified hypnotherapist.

With hypnotherapy, you can -

Here’s how hypnosis will make you feel!

So, are you ready for the change and move to hypnosis for success?

Do you feel inclined to learn hypnosis and become a professional hypnotist? Matrrix offers certified courses for hypnotherapy for all. This is a great career prospect that is gaining attention worldwide. View the courses offered by Matrrix for hypnotherapy.

  • You make your life pattern worse (Ever wondered why you feel nothing is working?)
  • You have a sudden flare-up of emotions or physical symptoms that bring pain
  • You struggle to help yourself, you find it difficult to even seek help
  • You lack positivity in your life, fear constantly dominates your decisions

    Hypnosis therapy is useful to tap into the potential of your subconscious mind. A professional hypnotist uses hypnotherapy techniques to guide you into the *Theta sleep and tap into those areas wherein all this information (wisdom/resources/awareness) is stored. He/she knows your objective (e.g. resolve alcohol issues) and nudges your mind to reprogram this self-belief (that you no longer need to drink when you are upset, emotional) As you relax, you get in touch with your innermost self to discover what the deep underlying issue is. A professional hypnotist guides you into the trance and also out of it at the end of every session.

    *Deep state of relaxation. Not to be confused with being unconscious.

    Hypnosis is useful to treat all the limiting beliefs you have and replace them with positive thoughts. You develop a better sense of self-awareness and learn to curate your responses to situations. Once you have communicated that you will no longer hold these negative self-beliefs to your subconscious mind, you will find tremendous freedom. You’ll realize it was your mind all the while, commanding you to believe you cannot love freely or achieve your dream.



    You can use hypnosis as an excellent tool to bring a great shift in your mindset. The techniques help your subconscious mind to connect with the conscious mind to bring a shift in perspective. It’s as simple as telling yourself, “You can achieve all that you want in life. I’m no longer a slave to my beliefs.”

    You can use all the techniques of hypnosis for success in every area of your life. As you discard self-limiting beliefs, you’ll notice a change in the way you approach life. You are no longer the irritable partner who lashes out in anger just because your Manager rejected your work. You are no longer the depressed colleague who cannot enjoy work. Hypnotherapy adds a fresh perspective to your subconscious mind to achieve more, love more, and free your mind.

    Ever noticed the amount of negativity you attract when you’re feeling low? Hypnotherapy aligns your energy vibrations and mind with your intentions. It brings increased positive energy as now your mindset has shifted from what you cannot do, to what you can do.

    • Access your subconscious mind
    • Remove Negative Beliefs
    • Bring a Shift in the Mind-Set
    • Improve Personal and Professional Life
    • Increase Positive Energies
    • You are calm and develop a more objective approach
    • You can look at your old self and understand your problem-areas
    • You learn to be detached where required
    • You are curious about exploring new areas
    • You attempt to bring more changes in your life
    • You love the feeling of the new you with a free mind



Questions on hypnotherapy techniques and hypnotherapy benefits? Write to Dr Paras and address your issues at [email protected] You can also request to book a session. Download our free eBook and listen to our free exclusive podcasts and read FAQs to gain a better perspective on this subject.

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